sharp upper left side pains

by Madison Payne
(Puyallup, WA)

I am 17 years old, i am currently on my menstral cycle but am not experiencing cramps at this current time, 2 days ago i woke up with severe cramps (more severe than ever before) and threw up a half hour due to the severity of the cramps after waking up. i have never had asthma, allergies of any sort, the only kind of surgery ive had was when i was three when i had a bump on my arm that was completely removed during surgery. i do not have any abnormalities and have been laying in bed for the last 2 days. yesterday i ate dinner and 5 minutes later i went for a jog, halfway i got winded and had stomach pains and walked the rest of the way home at a normal speed. today i have had flare ups of pain ranging from directly below my chest to the bottom of my ribcage and that area is swollen, the pain has spread in the last 2 minutes to my lower back.

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