My experience with Epiploic Appendagitis began with slight pain

by Bonnye
(New Albany, IN)

I had slight abdominal pain from lower right to lower left that started on a Tuesday.

I assumed it was gas associated with IBS which I have had for years. I did not become concerned until the following Friday when I realized that he pain was becoming stronger and moving higher on the right.

By Saturday the pain encompassed my whole abdomen. I did not want to go to the hospital because I knew the staff there would initiate tests for heart attack and I knew it had to be something connected with the digestive tract. Called the doctor early Monday and was able to be seen that afternoon.

A CT was ordered for Wed. Am and by Wed. afternoon I was told that I had Epiploic Appendagitis. I started on Ibuprofen right away.

By Thursday I felt slightly better, but stayed quiet and drank plenty of water and had easy to digest food. By Friday I felt 100% better and was back to somewhat of a normal routine.

One thing to mention was that every so often while in pain, I would experience an involuntary gasp/hiccup type of breath.

The doctor explained that perhaps my diaphragm was also slightly inflamed due to its proximity to the colon. This was the worst pain I have ever experienced including labor pains and subsequent C-section pain!

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