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Name: Name Witheld

Age: 26

Country: United Kingdom

Date of Query: Mon Jan 07 11:04:16 2008

Since the birth of my second child in March 2005 I have not been ingood health. Within a week of his birth I was re-admitted to hospital with auterine infection - this was confirmed with swabs and treated with 3 courses ofantibiotics. Within three months I had a different type of abdominal pain -this went on for three more months - eventually I was admitted to hospital withappendicitis - the appendix was found to have ruptured and was removedlaparoscopicaly. I was also treated with IV and oral antibiotics for (queryprevention of?) peritonitis. Since approx. 2 weeks after that surgery I havesuffered from a tender abdomen. There is no specific location as it is all theway across from left to right, from ribs down to pelvis. I have postponedseeking medical help in the hope that it was related to recovery from thesurgery. However, the pain is worsening. It is constantly a dull ache, muchworse on palpation. 2 weeks ago I started having attacks of a hot stabbing painin upper left, near my ribs - these attacks occur once or twice per day,lasting between 1 and 2 hours - thankfully this has settled down - although thegeneral abdominal tenderness is constant. My GP has ordered some blood testsbut says these will be normal as it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. However, I donot have any of the other symptoms associated with this, so I am seeking somefurther information to help me decide what to do next. Please help, I'm fed upof not being able to look after my kids properly.


Dear ...

What you have described is consistent with a possible adhesion following your ruptured appendicitis.

What doctors call "abdominal adhesions" do occur following severe infection, significant bleed or surgery in the abdomen and elsewhere in the body. These are fibrous bands, much like strong spider webs formed between surfaces of tissues and organs following healing after surgery, trauma, severe bleeding or infections.

They cause tissues to be trapped together and even could lead to obstruction of the bowel in severe cases. Pulling of tissues or surfaces together by these thread-like bands could cause pain after surgery.

After any surgery in the abdomen, these internal scars are formed in over 90% of cases, but generally takes at least 4-6weeks before it forms or even years in individuals. Not every one who form scar becomes symptomatic. In up to a third of patients following extensive surgery, theses abdominal or pelvic adhesions causes pain and could lead to chronic abdominal or pelvic pain.

Please visit our page on abdominal adhesions at for further information


Age: 28

Country: Hitchin - United Kingdom

Date of Query: Mon Nov 05 05:45:50 2007


I am a 28 year old male. I have been suffering with a pain in my left side since March/April of this year. I believe it is in the upper left quadrant.

I am reasonably fit and healthy, weighing just over 12 stone and being 5 ft 9inch tall. I go to the gym two/three times a week also. I have no previous medical conditions of this nature.

The pain remains constant at all times, and is best described as a "stitch" like pain. (not really sharp or shooting however) It remains in the same place at all times, approx 12-13 cm below my left nipple. I cant find anything that makes it any better/worse.

I have thus far had 2 blood tests, and a chest x-ray. The first blood test showed a slightly elevated "muscle enzyme" reading, which the doctor thought could show a torn muscle. I therefore had 6 weeks off the gym/exercise which showed no improvement. A second blood test showed the muscle enzyme reading was normal, and nothing else that would seem out of the ordinary. (a slightly elevated fatty blood cell reading but this was within "testing tolerance") A chest x-ray also showed nothing out of the ordinary.

A second doctor feels it could be nerve related and has prescribed 10mg amitriptylline taken daily. I've only been taking for a week but seen no improvement thus far. I have also taken 400mg ibuprofen on numerous occasions in the past weeks, which doesn't seem to make it any better either.

I have suggested scans to my doctor, but he feels this wouldn't show up anything? Would an MRI scan or Ultrasound be beneficial?

As you can imagine, having had this pain for this length of time, (approx 8 months) and it still being undiagnosed, it is becoming the bane of my life and affecting my morale quite dramatically. I really need to get to the bottom of this and it is driving me mad.

Any suggestions or advice you can give for suggested tests or treatments would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanksRM


Dear Richard...

I can imagine the distress this unexplained pain on your left upper abdomen is causing you. Do not despair. Your determination to find a solution will see you through, provided you do not give up.

Pain on that site could be caused by any of the organs found there as listed at

You have carefully excluded muscular cause. If you continue to be distressed, I will strongly advise you ask your G.P to organize an abdominal ultrasound scan to exclude a possible kidney cyst or problem. A simple urine test may be wise to do too. If the urine test and ultrasound scan is unproductive, a CT-Scan may be required. CT -scan will help to exclude kidney tumour, adrenal gland disease or more likely bowel problems if any. The spleen is also an organ there that could be affected.

Any change in the frequency of your going to the defecate? Any blood or mucus in your stool? Any unintended weight loss? What is your appetite like?

Any foreign travel recently? What about any family history of polyps or bowel problems?

If all there come back normal, then you HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. You will just need to continue on certain medications for a short while. Amitriptylline will only help in conditions due to such pain where a physical cause can not be pinned down. You must however know that it takes at least 14 days of continuous use for the effect of amitriptylline to be felt. Another medication you could use is Gabapentin. Please see your G.P and discuss this with him.

So my dear friend, try these and see how it goes. Remember, there are private GPs you could contact if you are having problems who can organise all these test for you... but count the cost first. Persuade you G.P and he could help if he sees that you are really distressed.

Please do not hesitate to come back to us if there is any other way we can help.

How we look forward to the time when "no resident will say I am sick" - Isaiah 33 vs 24.

Get well friend. I hope this helps.

Yours always...

Dr O Edema

On-Call Doctor

Name: Diane

Age: n/a

Country: United Kingdom

Date of Query: 08 Oct 2007, 05:43:42 PM


My daughter has had a lot of stomach problems since she was born. She has learning difficulties but has had no diagnosis,she has developmental delay,can not speak and her understanding is very limited. she is very active (never stops)always moving about.she has always suffered from very painful trapped wind even as a baby,she has severe reflux also since she was a baby,she had to have a tube to drip the milk into her stomach when she was 6months old and it was thought she was lactose intolerant too,so has been on neonate since she was 6months old. She has had 2 endoscopy,the first one, discovered she had ulcers and sheis on losec tablets 10mg twice daily.the second one showed the ulcers had healed. She also gets maxalon 5mls three times a day.she is often sick,and always has food coming up into her mouth,which she usually swallows again.She has periodsof being sick a lot and periods where it seems to settle slightly. It is also thought that her digestive system is quite sluggish.but the main problem is the very painful trapped wind she gets,to which the specialist says he can`t do anything about. I have found by trial and error that if I suck a mint imperialuntil it is soft and then give her it as well as gently massaging her abdomen she will pass wind an get some relieve.she is distressed a lot due to this trapped wind and I am really at wits end with this problem as she is having to suffer so much pain and is also very distracted,which does not help with trying to bring on her development.I have also tried keeping a food diary in anattempt to try to rule out wheat/glutton intolerance but there doesn't seem to be a pattern and as she can not communicate it`s very hard to pinpoint if certain foods are making her painful.Can you suggest something to try?I do try to give her easy digestible foods and she has never had any fried foods,Is there any medication that could aid her digestion? Hope you can help.



Dear Diane...

I really do admire your determination to get rid of this nuisance called trapped wind off the life of your beloved daughter.

Trapped wind continues to be problematic to millions of persons worldwide.

Many have tried enteric coated peppermint capsules and found it useful.

Please see this discussed on our website at

You could discuss this further with your G.P to get his opinion.

Other tried treatments for trapped wind can also be found on the site.

Please do not hesitate to get back to us again should you want further information.

Dr O Edema

Your Online Doctor,

From Diane...09 Oct 2007, 05:19:09 PM

thanks for the prompt reply to my question about mydaughter regarding her trapped wind.could you also tell me if it`salright for Danielle to take the enteric coated peppermint capsules as she isonly 8yrs old?


Feedback follow up...

Hello Diane...

There is considerable body of evidence for the use of enteric-coated, pH- dependent peppermint oil capsules for the symptomatic treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and trapped wind in children (The Journal of Paediatrics 2001 Jan;138(1):125-8, and American Journal of Gastroenterology 1998 Jul;93(7):1131-5 and many other studies internationally). This is thus the case in America and many other countries.

The British National Formulary (BNF) however does not recommend the use of peppermint oil capsules in children less than 15 years of age at this moment.

Dr O Edema

Your Online Doctor,

Name: Ashley

Age: 19

Country: Antrim, United Kingdom

Date of Query: 23 Sept 2007, 04:13:46 PM
Dear Online Doctor,

For around the past 6 months i have been sufferingfrom constant trapped wind. i can get it around 2 or 3 times a week, & when ido get it, it causes a lot of pain, the pain is that bad that i cant move! iget shooting pains & has reduced me to tears many time. i cant find the sourceto this problem, any feed back would be much appreciated!



Dear Ashley...

You definitely need help to overcome your troubles with trapped winds. Please see the section on this site on trapped wind remedy if the guide there would be useful on foods to avoid and medications to try. Trapped wind could truly cause this amount of distress in some individuals. Also follow the link on the page to read about other disease conditions that could mimic trapped wind, and discuss these with your G.P.

I hope tis helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or assistance.

Dr O Edema

Your Online Doctor,

Name: Izzy

Age: 13

Country: Queensland

Date of Query: Sun Sept 23 04:20:04 2007

2 months ago I had my appendix out. I was taken to the hospital with signs of appendicitis. After the operation I was told that I hadn't had appendicitis but a bag of infectious fluid around the appendix that was causing me pain. About 3 weeks ago I had three stools in one week with blood. Sometimes there is also yellowy mucous around the stool. I am also only emptying bowels about every 3 days, which is new to me. I am not constipated as I do not strain on the toilet. 3 weeks ago also, I started having bad lower abdominal pain that came and went. This has continued up until now. The only change is that it has spread to the lower left side and I also get pain around the inner of my thigh and back. Sometimes I have pain in the upper right stomach. When my doctor examined me he said I had pain around my Gall Bladder. I am due to see my gastro soon. Please help me.



Dear Izzy... was set up to address issues like the one you face. Do not panic. You will be well.

The problems you have described could be due to one of two things. It is either you have one of the inflammatory bowel diseases - Crohn's disease or Ulcerative colitis (more likely), or you may be having a complication of your first operation where pus could collect under the liver - close to the gallbladder and cause mucus in stool too (less likely). The third last but remote possibility is that of an infectious disease - more likely if there were a recent travel to a developing country.

Have you been loosing weight? What is your appetite like? Have you been vomiting? Any Jewish Ancestry? Fever? Any body with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis in the family? Any recent foreign travel to a third world country? Are you on any long standing medications?

As I said earlier, do not panic. Once you see your gastroenterologist, he or she would narrow it down to a single diagnosis. Please do not hesitate to let us know what he thinks.

Mean while, you can read more about inflammatory bowel disease to find out if that describes your symptoms aptly.

I hope this helps. Please provide feedback to my questions.

Dr O Edema

Your Online Doctor,

Name: Karina

Age: 23

Country: Canada

Date of Query: Fri Sept 21 22:31:12 2007

I have a sharp pain in the center of my abdomen,right below my rib cage. I experience increased pain when exhaling and inhaling deeply. It is quite bothersome and I have experienced this pain for approximately 20 hours. I don't enjoy it. I must get rid of it. Help me please. It is very annoying. It feels like I have swallowed a cluster of small needlesthat are stuck in my digestive tract! please respond soon. thank you!



Dear Karina...

I am sorry to learn about your sudden onset central abdominal pain.

From the tone of your query, it sounds like this pain is one that will require very urgent medical attention. I would advice you go straight way to see your doctor. It sounds like you may be having dyspepsia or gastritis or even pancreatitis. If you are coughing, pleurisy is another possible cause. Please let's get more information:

You say it is right under your rib cage, at the center of your stomach. That means it is located in your epigastrium. It is sharp in character. Does it spread towards your back? Do you feel like vomiting? What is your weight like? Have you suffered with gall stones or pancreatitis in the past? How much alcohol would you typically drink in a week? Do you smoke? Are you coughing? Any fever? Have you been taking pain killers recently, especially anti inflammatory pain killers? Your answer to these questions would help in reaching a likely diagnosis of the cause of your abdominal pain.

I hope to hear back from you soonest.

Dr O Edema

Your Online Doctor,

From Karina...22 Sept 2007, 07:52:40 PM

Thank you for your speedy reply.I went to the hospital today and they diagnosed it as a stomach infection and prescribed periet 20mg 2X day. They said it could have been brought on by stress or poor diet. I am getting married in two weeks....i leaning towards the stress as an indicator! thanks again


Feedback follow up...

Hello Karina...

I am happy you have found relief. What some call stomach infection is the same as gastritis or dyspepsia as we thought and advised. The medication Periet prescribed as a medication that helps reduce acidity in your stomach - a proton pump inhibitor. Just take it an reduce intake of hot spicy foods, alcohol, cigarettes if you smoke and fizzy drinks.

Congratulations and well done. Congratulations in advance on your wedding too.

Dr O Edema

Your Online Doctor,

Name: Jessica

Age: 21

Country: United Kingdom

Date of Query: Thu Sept 06 12:46:51 2007

I have abdominal pains quite often and have also beensuffering from trapped winds regularly for quite a while now.I'm 21 and am a bit worried it could be IBS or a similar condition.I never thought anything of it but it gets very painful sometimes. When i lay down the pain automatically goes awaythough.Thanks



Dear Jessica...

For how long have you been experiencing it?Is the pain continuous? Is there any thing that makes it worse?Which spot on your tummy is it?

How is your bowel activity - do you go to the loo normally? Anyconstipation? Feel sick?

I hope to hear back from you soonest.

Dr O Edema

Your Online Doctor,

From Jessica...07 Sep 2007, 10:32:58 AM.


I don't really know how long I have had this for really. I have had those pains for a long time but never associated them with any eating habits or never realized they came soon after eating or during a meal and most of the time with trapped winds. I have recently though started to think there was a link between the pain, eating and feeling air in my stomach.

I'm not sure where the pain is, but last night for instance, when I layed down I felt instantly better but when I push my stomach in or wear tight jeans it is worse and when I pressed on the right side of my stomach the pain wasn't very bad but it was on the left side.

I am sometimes slightly constipated but apart from that nothing unusual.I don't feel sick.



Dear Jessica...

You are a young usually fit and well lady, with cramping abdominal pain, associated with bloating and trapped, brought on by eating. It sounds like you may have irritable bowel syndrome. Please see your General Practitioner as soon as you can to investigate this further to ensure you do not have any other problem that may mimic irritable bowel syndrome. You can read more on irritable bowel syndrome here and see other disease that could cause long standing trapped wind here.

Take good care of yourself.

Dr O Edema

Your Online Doctor,

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